Dr. McComas Explains Holistic Medicine

Dr. McComas Explains Holistic Medicine
Created by: Dr. Elena McComas
Aug 30, 2018

Hello Everyone!

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My name is Dr. Elena McComas and I practice Integrative Medicine at the Veterinary Center of Morris County.  In honor of National Holistic Day, I would like to help you understand the meaning of “Holistic.” 

The term “Holistic” is often interpreted as something that is natural and is seen as only a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical intervention. In reality it means the treatment of a patient as a whole entity.  Sometimes that means a Western medicine/surgical intervention is required to save the life of a pet. Once a crisis is taken care of, if possible, the cause of the crisis is corrected in a holistic manner. By utilizing multiple tools such as acupuncture/herbal medicine/food therapy, along with their diet, their emotional needs and their physical needs - we can treat them “whole-istically!”

Let’s start with food. You are what you eat!  A good quality food can help boost your pets immune system, provide energy for playtime and provide nutritional support needed for healthy organs.  Food therapy differs from the main food that a pet eats.  Using Eastern Medicine we can add certain foods to target different diseases and provide a different type of nutritional support. Don’t forget fresh and clean water. Avoid plastic bowls and change water as needed throughout the day. 

Next up is Emotional/Mental Health. When pets aren’t feeling their best (arthritis, obesity, various diseases, etc) and they can’t perform their normal daily routines, they may start to become depressed. Alternatively, pets that have a lot of energy, need to have mental stimulation.  Keep that mind busy and stimulated to prevent bad behaviors. 

Lastly, physical activity. Let’s face it, you just feel good when you get out and exercise! Going for a walk with your pet or playing with toys not only decreases stress for you, but also your pet. It promotes circulation, helps keep muscles toned and promotes a healthy weight.  Just remember, if the temperatures are too hot/cold for you, it is most likely too hot/cold for your pet.

Holistic medicine is supposed to be as stress-free as possible with the least invasive methods used. Depending on your pets personality and disease processes, some holistic therapies are better suited than others.

If you are interested in holistic medicine and have questions, feel free to call and speak with me. I welcome open dialogue regarding how we can help keep your four-legged friend as healthy as we can!

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