What Your Dog Needs to be Safe and Happy While Boarding in Morris County, NJ

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What Your Dog Needs to be Safe and Happy While Boarding in Morris County, NJ

Summer is here! And that means lots of fun, family trips! Although we would all love to always take our pooches with us, sometimes, that just isn’t possible. So, what do you need to know to make sure your pet is safe and well taken care of while boarding?


Vaccines are a requirement at every boarding facility. The vaccines your pup should have for boarding are:

  • Rabies - This vaccine is required by law in the state of NJ and is very important to make sure your pooch is protected from this deadly disease. The rabies vaccine is generally good for 3 years, however a booster is required 1 year after getting the initial vaccine.

  • DA2PP - Commonly called the “distemper” vaccine, this is actually a combination vaccine that protects against multiple illnesses, including parvovirus. Like the rabies vaccine, it is good for 3 years, but does need a booster 1 year after the initial dose or after the puppy series is finished.

  • Bordetella - AKA the “kennel cough” vaccine. This is an important one for boarding because it helps to stop the spread of this cold-like disease. 

  • Influenza - Not all boarding facilities require the influenza vaccine yet, but at VCMC, we believe this vaccine is very important for boarding pups. There are now two strains of the influenza virus, which can be vaccinated against with one vaccine. Both strains can be very dangerous for dogs, sometimes even fatal, which is why we recommend it so highly. 

Crate Training

Many boarding facilities use runs or small rooms for their canine guests, but some may use crates or cages for smaller pups or as temporary holding for larger dogs. Your pup will be much less stressed if they are used to being in a crate at home. Make the crate fun for your pup! Feed special treats when he’s in there (like a Kong with frozen peanut butter!) and put his favorite toys and blankets in there too. Don’t force him in or use the crate as a punishment space. This can create a negative association with the crate and make boarding/crating a stressful time.

Favorite Things

Nothing makes pups feel happier or safer than having their favorite things with them! Pack up a favorite blanket, toy, and even one of your t-shirts to help your pooch stay comfortable while away from home. Remember to also pack your pup’s normal food and treats. Some boarding facilities will supply food, if needed, but switching food quickly on your pup can cause gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, to develop. 

If you need to get your pup’s vaccines up to date or need to schedule a boarding reservation, give us a call at 973-887-0522 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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